Before she had the music bug, Jain had itchy feet. As a child, she followed her father who travelled extensively as part of his work. The family moved from the South of France to Dubai then to the Congo, and Abu Dhabi, and recently back to France. Upon her return, Jain studied art in Paris. From her trekking Europe, Africa and the Middle East, she retained several lessons:

„The trips have taught me tolerance. That is what I’m trying to convey in my songs: understanding others, keeping an open-mind.“ Her writings address many social issues, but without dwelling in politics. Her intimate ballads whisper in the ear of the listener, drawing the outlines of a lo-fi universe, navigating between folk, pop, soul and reggae.

From her early song writing and demo recordings onwards, Jain’s music is a synthesis of these cultures and influences. Lulled by Otis Redding, Nina Simone, John Lee Hooker, The Beatles, Manu Chao, and Alain Bashung, it is in the Congo that music, omnipresent in the streets, invited itself in her life:

„Black Point was an essential step for my song writing, a creative cradle. It is even before I could play my first guitar chords, simply by listening and watching this city, that a style came to me with this culture both traditional and innovative, cradled between hope and despair … It is this duality that I try to bring to my songs.“

As a singer-songwriter, Jain also draws inspiration from her personal environment:

„My songs are always linked to my own life, my everyday life.“

They always spur from a feeling (loneliness, anger, uprooting, injustice) and bring hope and empowerment. Jain views her uprooting as an opportunity. She appreciates every living moment and looks upon her loved ones and those she meets along the way with tenderness and serenity. Therefore her lyrics are sometimes pragmatic, often playful, and always full of vivid imagery.

Despite her young age, there is something very ancient in her music, a vibration coming from blues, folk and reggae that she combines with modern pop melodies.

At the dawn of her life (she is only 23 years old), Jain salutes Otis Redding, who combines emotions and energy, just as much as British band Radiohead, who completely reinvented themselves. Like them, she hopes to try different things over time. And continue to explore the world.