El Rass & Jundi Majhul

On the 28th of July, we are so excited to present to you two of the hardest numbers in the Arabic rap and hiphop music scenes.
Inspired by the rich and the historically deep rooted Arabic music culture, El Rass and Jundi Majhoul are far from mainstream rappers. They combine and inject their soundtracks with various beats from different arabic and other a cross cultural backgrounds. Along with spectacular lyrics and performance, they let it all out and always tend to blow up minds and set stages on fire!!
Be a part of an unforgettable night and quickly ensure your tickets before they are sold out.

El Rass
Spotify: https://spotify.com/artist/70JnprmV5bM5nyZ8YeZbDc
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/el-rass-the-head